React Navigation Menu

- April 2021

Short Description:

A straightfroward navigation menu built as a React component, available via NPM.

React Navigation Menu

A straightfroward navigation menu built as a React component.

npm i react-navigation-menu


Implement in your app, as per the following example:

import Menu from 'react-navigation-menu'

function App() {
  return (
        brandColor1="rgb(21, 14, 49)"
          ['Home', '/'],
            'About', 'dropdown', [
              ['About Me', '/about-me'],
              ['About My Work', '/about-my-work']
            'Shop', 'dropdown', [
              ['Pre-Fabricated', '/pre-fabricated'],
              ['Bespoke Apparel', '/bespoke-apparel']
          ['Contact', '/contact']
        telephone="+33 7 87 20 70 34"

export default App;

The navigation items are passed via props as an array. For principle items pass a tuple, with the following indexes:

  1. index 0: the name to appear in nav
  2. index 1 the url to link to

For a dropdown item with subitems, pass an array with the following:

  1. index 0: Your Nav Item Title
  2. index 1: 'dropdown'
  3. index 2: An array of tuples in the same format as principle items.


None, just use it in your react project.

That's it!

Project Details

Completion Date: 2021-04-27


  • reactjs
  • css-animation
  • NPM


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