About Me

Peter Sweeney, developer - profile image


  • Europe-based full stack developer - (GMT+1).
  • Freelance technology solutions.
  • Clean & responsive code.
  • Well documented projects.

I have a passion for building and developing modern, detailed, innovative and experimental web applications or software.

I have worked with and led large diverse teams on a range of development projects using the latest technologies.

I am employed fulltime on a remote basis, but am open to one-off projects and freelance work.


I grew up in London but in recent years have adopted the 'nomad' lifestyle (I am currently to be found haunting France).


Front End:

  • Languages: Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS
  • Libraries: React JS, JQuery, D3 JS, Tailwind
  • Frameworks: Gatsby JS, Next JS, Create-React-App
  • CMS: Netlify, Contentful, Wordpress
  • Queries: GraphQL, REST

Database: Mongo DB, Mongoose, Firestore

Server: Node JS, Express JS, PHP


  • Languages: Google Apps Script
  • Services: Google Workspace, Google Cloud Services, ServiceNow, Meddbase


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